Wide-ranging services for different needs of yours at different time

Our team helps our clients take care of legal registration or filling in relation to any of their corporate changes including but not limited to change of board of directors, address, registered capital. For new investor who hopes to establish a business, we can provide a guideline of what is needed to start a business ranging from consultation, incorporation with relevant ministries to application of a license. ​

At TE and ASSOCIATES, we have experienced lawyer who has represented financial institutions, private companies and individuals, to assist clients in various dispute resolution mechanisms as requested by the Client. We may represent the client in meeting in order to discuss and negotiate for the purpose of reaching a settlement. We also can represent the client before competent courts in Cambodia and other dispute resolution center such as the National Commercial Arbitration Center.​

TE and Associates can assist clients in various matters in real estate sector ranging from day-to-day transactions like drafting a Land Sale-Purchase Agreement or Lease Agreement to complex operations like applying for real-estate development licenses. We may also assist clients in ownership transfer or security registration. ​

Protecting your innovative idea or invention is as important as proper land ownership registration because your intellectual property may be your priceless identity. At TE and Associates, we have a skillful intellectual property agent, recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, who is ready to assist you with the registration of your trade mark or trade name, and exclusive right in order to protect your business. We can also assist client in issuing Cease and Decist Letter to stop the violation and participate in any meeting as requested.

Our services related to banking matters range from legal due diligence before the financing takes place to assisting clients in drafting financing documents and security documents. To complete the financing process, we help clients in registering or deregistering their security right with relevant authorities.

We understand that having enough information of relevant legal proceedings and results is important for clients to make an informative decision. Therefore, we offer consultation service to clients who wish to consult with us their matters first, or we can review client’s documents or agreements in order to provide our legal analysis on the validity, enforceability, or feasibility of any proposed projects and issue our written legal opinion to the clients. ​

At TE and ASSOCIATES, we have an expert with years of experience working with international organization and expertise in developing public policy in relation to public health or writing various project proposals. Our expert is ready to provide consultation on any project development or assist clients in writing or developing a project proposal.